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Market Studies for Expansion Strategies

Our most important aim is increasing revenue for our clients. Our mission is to provide our customer with a method for increasing sales that can be directly linked to our performance. Our target is to bring in profits at a fraction of the costs and time typically associated with entering new markets or territories.

GSI German Service International AG helps you grow sales and reach new markets. We specialize in sales, channel development and management processes aimed at increasing sales and capturing new market share.

We offer affordable and real world methods for reaching new direct clients and channels while optimizing existing channels and understanding market structures.

We develop clear and direct strategies for our clients that can be realistically and rapidly implemented. Strategy is important to us, but it must be backed by real action and measurable results.


  • Identify winning segments, territories, & markets - confirm a key positioning
  • Optimal Sales approaches combination: Direct Sales, Channel Program and Internet visibility
  • Marketing and sales team and organization - audit & optimization
  • Sales forces and marketing resources recruitment
  • Planning for marketing-communications tools